SAT Strategy & Prep

Strong Test Scores Allow Colleges to Compare Your Performance to Students Across High Schools​​


Decide if and when to take the SAT, ACT, subject, and AP tests depending on your diagnostic testing and target colleges. While students should not feel pressured to test too early, if they are meeting their goals, there's no reason to delay. Most colleges honor score choice, which gives students maximum flexibility and peace of mind.


Jennifer will assess your strengths and weaknesses in order to develop the most effective test prep plan. Self-driven students may be able to study on their own with reputable test prep books. Alternately, students may take advantage of one-on-one coaching services, group lessons, or even customized online instruction.


Set goals based on your skills and target colleges and then work to achieve them in stages. Keep error logs detailing the types of mistakes you've made and why. Review these logs before every future test. Finally, know exactly how many problems you can miss section by section to achieve your target score.