Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Wang

  • Stanford University '99

English with Honors, Economics, & Psychology

  • Harvard Law School '08

Cum Laude

  • Founded Insight College Prep, in '00

  • 20+ years in college counseling

  • Fluent in Mandarin 普通话

Summa's Origin Story
"As a first generation student from a Chinese Indian immigrant family, I tackled college admissions on my own. That's when I realized the need for counseling and founded one of the pioneering services in 1999. I worked full-time at Insight College Prep until 2005, when I sold the company (renamed Insight Education) to new owners to attend Harvard Law School. But after working as a lawyer and becoming the proud mother of two daughters, I've returned to my first passion of college counseling. Nothing is as rewarding as inspiring and guiding young people to think seriously about their future, to define their values and goals, and to develop the confidence to achieve them."