College & Career Search

The Best Preparation Begins With Knowing Where You're Headed

College Exploration

Jennifer helps students develop a working college list early based on a student's potential major and personal preferences, such as location, size, atmosphere, and special programs. The goal is to set realistic, but ambitious goals, which can always be adjusted along the way. The key to motivating students is to help them define their goals and vision.

Career Search

Thinking about the career opportunities that a particular major leads to can help students whittle down their choices. Jennifer helps students explore various careers and tries to help them balance competing factors such as passion and fulfillment with high earning potential.

College Majors

A student's possible majors will impact where they apply to college. Many out-of-state public universities are now easier to get into than UC schools and rank the same or higher in STEM fields. Private, technical colleges such as Harvey Mudd, U of Rochester, or Georgia Tech can offer smaller class sizes and more personal attention. Humanities majors may be drawn to liberal arts colleges.