Activities, Leadership, & Awards

Standing Out Requires More Than Just Strong Grades​​​

Extracurricular Activities

Finding your passions often involves trial and error. Start early to explore a variety of activities and by junior year, focus on the ones that excite you most and commit to them at least one year. Even better, try to attain a leadership position, award, or distinction, such as beating your personal best.

Leadership Development

Leadership can be defined broadly, not just encompassing the traditional President & Founder titles, but also training your peers, spearheading a fundraising activity, or starting a new program or initiative in your community. Sound daunting? Don’t worry, step-by-step, you'll gain the confidence.

Summer Planning

Pursue an internship, research position, or community service project. Jennifer will help you identify unique experiences in your areas of passion, whether politics, STEM, human rights, art, sports, or animal welfare. Where established opportunities don’t exist, you can create your own.

Honors & Awards

Daunted by the idea of winning awards? Remember just entering a competition is an achievement you can list on your application. And you might just surprise yourself. Working with teacher mentors to prepare your submission is also a great way to get to know a potential recommender well.